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This entry was published on 2020-07-03
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Ballots; examination by voters and instruction in use of voting machines
§ 7-130. Ballots; examination by voters and instruction in use of
voting machines. One or more voting machines which shall contain the
ballot labels, showing the title of officers to be voted for, and which
shall so far as practicable contain the names of the candidates to be
voted for, shall be placed on public exhibition in some suitable place
by the board of elections, in charge of competent instructors, for at
least three days during the thirty days next preceding an election. No
voting machine which is to be assigned for use in an election shall be
used for such purpose after having been prepared and sealed for the
election. During such public exhibition, the counting mechanism of the
machine shall be concealed from view and the doors may be temporarily
opened only when authorized by the board or official having charge and
control of the election. Any voter shall be allowed to examine such
machine, and upon request shall be instructed in its use.