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Polls; opening of
§ 8-102. Polls; opening of. 1. The inspectors of election, and clerks,
if any, shall meet at the polling place at least one-half hour before
the time set for opening the polls of election. The inspectors of
election shall:

(a) See that the American flag is displayed.

(b) Cause the facsimile ballots and voter information posting to be
posted conspicuously within the polling place.

(c) Cause the distance markers to be placed at a distance of one
hundred feet from the polling place.

(d) Establish a guard-rail by delineating and marking out the voting
area by a suitable means. The ballot scanner, ballot marking device,
ballot boxes and secure storage containers, privacy booths, all ballots
and all equipment shall be kept within such guard-rail.

(e) Place the books, ballots and sample ballots, blanks, stationery
and supplies so that they will be ready and convenient for use.

(f) Affix or attach to their clothing and cause the clerks, if any, to
affix or attach to their clothing the proper identification buttons,
badges or emblems issued by the board of elections pursuant to the
provisions of this chapter. The inspectors and clerks shall wear no
other buttons, badges or emblems which are similar in design.

(g) See that the privacy booths contain conspicuous instructions on
how to properly mark ballots and that voters are provided with
appropriate writing instruments for marking ballots.

(h) Unlock all ballot boxes and secure storage containers to be used
to hold election day paper ballots, see that they are empty, allow them
to be examined by the watchers present, and lock them up again in such a
manner that the watchers and the persons just outside the guard-rail may
see that the boxes are empty when re-locked; provided, however, the
ballot boxes or secure storage containers holding unused ballots shall
be inspected to confirm that only the number of unused election day
paper ballots provided by the board of elections are contained therein.

(i) Inspect the ballot scanner and ballot marking device to see that
it is in good working order. Inspect the placement of privacy booths to
preserve the secrecy of voting; inspect the screen of the ballot scanner
and ballot marking device; inspect the polling place to make certain
there is no way that anyone can view any voting action by a voter at the
ballot scanner, ballot marking device, or in a privacy booth; and affix
a conspicuous notice, in the form prescribed by the state board of
elections, in a prominent place near the ballot scanner and in the
privacy booth, instructing the voter on how to properly mark a ballot in
order to have his or her vote counted. Such notice shall be printed in
English and such other languages as the board of elections may determine
to be appropriate.

(j) Announce that the polls are open for voting and the time when the
polls will close.

(k) Voting at each polling place for early voting shall be conducted
in a manner consistent with the provisions of this article, with the
exception of the tabulation and proclamation of election results which
shall be completed according to subdivisions eight and nine of section
8-600 of this article.

2. The keys to the ballot scanner and ballot marking device shall be
delivered to the inspectors at least one-half hour before the time set
for the opening of the polls, in a sealed envelope, on which shall be
written or printed the ballot scanner or ballot marking device serial
number and location of the polling place, as reported by the voting
machine custodian. The envelope containing the keys shall not be opened
until at least one inspector from each of the two parties shall be
present in the polling place and shall have examined the envelope to see
that it has not been opened. Before opening the envelope, such election
inspectors present shall examine the serial number on the machine, and
shall see if they are the same as the numbers written on the envelope
containing the keys. If found not to agree, the envelope must not be
opened until the voting machine custodian, or other authorized person,
shall have been notified and shall have arrived at the polling place for
the purpose of re-examining such machine and shall certify that it is
properly arranged. If the serial number on the machine is found to agree
with the number on the envelope, the inspectors, except as hereinafter
provided, shall turn on the machine. The inspectors shall carefully
examine the printed record produced by the machine to see that each
counter registers zero, and shall allow watchers to examine the printed
record. The inspectors shall then sign a certificate showing the
delivery of the keys in a sealed envelope, the serial number on the
machine, the number registered on the protective counter, that all the
counters are set at zero and that the public counter is set at zero. The
machine shall remain secured against voting until the polls are formally
opened and shall not be operated except by voters when voting or by
election officials upon the instructions of the board of elections. If
any counter is found not to register zero, the inspectors of election
shall immediately notify the board of elections.