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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Ballots; mutilated or spoiled
§ 8-316. Ballots; mutilated or spoiled. If a ballot is found to be
defective or mutilated before it is delivered to the voter, its stub and
the stubs of all other ballots in the set shall be detached immediately
and placed in the box for stubs, by the clerks, or if there are no
clerks by the inspector assigned to the duty of delivering ballots, and
all the ballots of that set immediately shall be marked "cancelled", and
placed in the box for spoiled and mutilated ballots. If a voter returns
a ballot as defective, mutilated, defaced, or wrongly marked, he shall
also return all the other ballots of the set, if any, and such clerks or
inspector shall likewise remove their stubs, placing all the stubs in
the box for stubs and all the ballots of the set in the box for spoiled
or mutilated ballots, first marking the ballots "cancelled". In each
case, the voter shall receive another ballot or set of ballots, unless
not entitled thereto.