1. The Laws of New York
  2. Consolidated Laws
  3. Election
  4. Article 8: Conduct of Elections
  5. Title 4: Absentee Voting

Section 8-406 Absentee ballots, delivery of

Election (ELN)

If the board shall find that the applicant is a qualified voter of the election district containing his residence as stated in his statement and that his statement is sufficient, it shall, as soon as practicable after it shall have determined his right thereto, mail to him at an address designated by him, or deliver to him, or to any person designated for such purpose in writing by him, at the office of the board, such an absentee voter's ballot or set of ballots and an envelope therefor. If the ballot or ballots are to be sent outside of the United States to a country other than Canada or Mexico, such ballot or ballots shall be sent by air mail. However, if an applicant who is eligible for an absentee ballot is a resident of a facility operated or licensed by, or under the jurisdiction of, the department of mental hygiene, or a resident of a facility defined as a nursing home or residential health care facility pursuant to subdivisions two and three of section two thousand eight hundred one of the public health law, or a resident of a hospital or other facility operated by the Veteran's Administration of the United States, such absentee ballot need not be so mailed or delivered to any such applicant but, may be delivered to the voter in the manner prescribed by section 8-407 of this chapter if such facility is located in the county or city in which such voter is eligible to vote.