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This entry was published on 2023-09-22
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Canvass; election day paper ballots that have not been scanned; method of
§ 9-110. Canvass; election day paper ballots that have not been
scanned; method of. 1. Election day paper ballots that have not been
scanned because a ballot scanner was not available or because the ballot
has been abandoned by a voter at the ballot scanner shall be canvassed
as follows: a bipartisan team of inspectors shall cast such ballots on a
ballot scanner, if one is available, at the close of the polls before
the tabulated results tape is printed. If a ballot does not scan because
of an overvote or blank ballot warning on the ballot scanner screen, the
inspectors shall cause the ballot scanner to eject such ballot to be
hand counted pursuant to subdivision two of this section.

2. Election day paper ballots that cannot be scanned, as provided in
subdivision one of section 9-102 of this title as applicable and
subdivision one of this section shall be canvassed as follows: The
inspectors shall unfold each ballot of the kind then to be canvassed and
shall place all such ballots upon the table in one pile face down. The
chair shall take up each ballot in order, turn it face up and announce
loudly and distinctly the vote registered on each section, in the order
of the sections upon the ballot, or that the ballot is void or the
section blank, as the case may be. If more than one person is to be
elected to the same office or party position the chair, if the ballot is
void or the ballot or section is wholly blank, shall announce as many
void or blank votes as there are persons to be elected to the office or
party position. On a primary ballot a "section," as the term is used
above, shall mean the space occupied by the title of an office or party
position, names of candidates therefor and the voting squares therewith.
The canvass of each ballot must be completed before the next ballot is
taken up. When the tallies of the votes of all such ballots are proven,
and the results announced, the inspectors shall affix tally sheets to or
record the results from same on the return of canvass.

3. Nothing in this section shall be construed to require or permit
absentee or affidavit ballots to be canvassed at the poll site on
election day. Such ballots shall be canvassed pursuant to section 9-209
of this article.