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This entry was published on 2019-11-01
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Counting ballots; objections to
§ 9-114. Counting ballots; objections to. 1. If objection be made to
the counting of any ballot or as to any section of any such ballot, the
board of inspectors shall forthwith and before canvassing any other
ballot or section thereof, rule upon the objection. If the objection be
continued after this ruling, the chair or an inspector under the
scrutiny of an inspector of the opposite party shall write in ink upon
the back of the ballot a memorandum of the ruling and objection. The
memorandum of the ruling shall be in the words "Counted void", or
"Counted blank", or "Counted for (naming the candidate or candidates or
the presidential ticket)", or, in the case of a ballot proposal "Counted
for Proposal No.......," or "Counted against Proposal No........", as
the case may be. The memorandum of the objection shall be in the words
"Objected to", followed by a brief statement of the nature of the
objection, the name and address of the challenger and the signature of
the chair or inspector.

2. Any ballot to which objection is not taken but which is wholly
blank or is void shall be indorsed in ink by the chair of the board of
inspectors or an inspector under the scrutiny of an inspector of the
opposite party with the words "Wholly blank" or "Void", as the case may
be, and signed by the chair or inspector.

3. When all the ballots of any one kind shall have been canvassed, the
inspectors shall ascertain the total number of all such ballots and the
number of ballots to which any objection was taken and shall enter such
numbers in the place provided therefor in the inspectors' returns of
such canvass.