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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Returns of canvass; generally
§ 9-120. Returns of canvass; generally. 1. Upon completing the
canvass, the inspectors shall prepare their returns of the canvass on a
printed form supplied to them by the board of elections. The results
tape(s) and the tally sheet(s) for any office, party position or ballot
proposal, if separate from such form, shall be securely attached by the
chair or an inspector under the scrutiny of an inspector of the opposite
party to such form returns and it shall not be necessary to transcribe
information provided by such results tapes onto such form. Results
tape(s) or a tally sheet(s), when so annexed, or forming part of the
same paper as the return, shall be treated as part of the return. The
inspectors, and clerks, if any, shall subscribe in ink the certificate
at the end of the set of returns. Each set of returns shall be securely
sealed in an envelope properly endorsed on the outside by the
inspectors. At an election at which voting machines are not used, the
ballot boxes, if any, supplied by the board of elections, may when
securely locked be used instead of sealed envelopes.

2. The form for the return or returns of the canvass shall be printed
in a format approved by the state board of elections. The form of such
return of canvass shall provide for the total number of votes for each
candidate in each contest, or upon each ballot proposal, including the
total number of unscanned voted ballots canvassed in accordance with
section 9-110 of this title.

3. In the event that there is more than one election district at a
polling place, the board of elections may authorize the use of one or
more returns of canvass that consolidate the report of the number of
votes for each candidate, or upon each ballot proposal, for more than
one election district or more than one ballot scanner, provided that
such consolidated returns of canvass have attached to them the results
tape(s) produced by the ballot scanner(s) that identify the number of
votes for each candidate, or upon each ballot proposal, within each such
election district and each such ballot scanner.