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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Statements of canvass by canvassing boards
§ 9-210. Statements of canvass by canvassing boards. Upon the
completion of the canvass the canvassing board shall make statements
thereof, showing separately the result for each office and ballot
proposal. Each such statement shall set forth, in words written out at
length, all votes cast for all candidates for each office; the name of
each candidate; the number of votes so cast for each, and, in the case
of a candidate who was nominated by two or more parties or independent
bodies, the number, separately stated, of votes cast for him as the
candidate of each party or independent body by which he was nominated;
and all votes so cast upon any ballot proposal, and all the votes so
cast in favor of and against the same respectively. Such statements
shall show the total number of unrecorded or blank votes and the total
number of votes cast for each office and each ballot proposal.

Such statements shall be certified as correct over the signatures of
the members of the board, or a majority of them, and such statements
together with any tabulation sheets showing the vote by election
districts from which such statements were made, shall be filed in the
office of the board of elections. The separate statement relating to
electors of president and vice-president shall be so filed immediately
upon the making, signing and certification thereof. To facilitate its
work, the board of elections may cause copies of such tabulation sheets
to be printed in pamphlet form.