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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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SECTION 11-104
State energy conservation construction code
§ 11-104. State energy conservation construction code. In addition to
meeting the purposes set forth in section 11-101 of this article, the
code shall be designed to satisfy the following specific criteria:

1. The code's standards and requirements, so far as may be
practicable, shall be formulated in terms of performance objectives.

2. To the fullest extent feasible, use of modern technical methods,
devices and improvements which tend to minimize consumption of energy
and utilize to the greatest extent practical solar and other renewable
sources of energy without affecting reasonable requirements for the
health, safety and security of the occupants or users of buildings shall
be permitted.

3. As far as may be practicable, the improvement of energy
conservation construction practices, methods, equipment, materials and
techniques shall be encouraged.

4. The code shall provide reasonable uniform standards and
requirements for construction and construction materials for the
improvement of energy conservation construction practices.

5. The code shall exempt from such uniform standards and requirements
any historic building as defined in section 11-102 of this article.