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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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SECTION 12-103
§ 12-103. Definitions. 1. "Building" means any combination of
materials, whether portable or fixed, having a roof to form a structure
which is heated or cooled in the normal course, affording shelter for
persons, animals or property, including any equipment therein or
attached thereto.

2. "Component" means any device or element of a solar thermal system
which can generally be purchased separately from the entire system but
is essential to the normal operation of that system, including,
collectors, heat exchangers, tanks, pumps, controllers, temperature
sensors, meters and fans. Components shall not include standard pipes,
ducts, switchboxes or hardware.

3. "Customer" means any person who purchases, or contracts with an
installer for the installation of, a solar thermal system.

4. "Installer" means any person who for a fee offers to install or
installs a solar thermal system.

5. "Solar thermal system" means an arrangement or combination of
components designed to provide heating, cooling or hot water by the
collection or storage of solar energy.

6. "At retail" means the first transfer of goods, for lawful
consideration, from any person who is regularly in the business of
buying and selling new solar thermal systems for profit to any person
who is not regularly in the business of buying and selling new solar
thermal systems for profit.

7. "Seller" means any person who offers for sale or sells, at retail,
a solar thermal system.

8. "System manufacturer" means any person who manufactures or
assembles or designs and packages a solar thermal system.