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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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SECTION 18-109
Contents of application
§ 18-109. Contents of application. An application for a certificate
filed pursuant to this article shall contain the following information
and materials:

1. A description of the site and of the facility, including maps,
present and proposed development, and geological, seismic, ecological,
biological, aesthetic, social, demographic and related data as

2. A statement of the ownership and other financial interests in the

3. An estimate of the site acquisition costs, if any, and the source
of the funds therefor;

4. An estimate of the facility construction costs, and the source of
the funds therefor;

5. A statement of the need for the facility, including the sources,
type, and composition of the nuclear waste proposed to be received for
temporary storage at the facility;

6. An assessment of the safety and adequacy of in-state transportation
access to the site for construction, maintenance and operational
purposes, including the risks of accident and contamination of persons
residing in areas adjacent to such transportation access routes;

7. A statement of the anticipated operating life of the facility;

8. An operating plan, including an evaluation of the risks of
radioactive and other contamination of the environment;

9. An estimate of costs of maintaining and operating the facility for
each year of the facility's anticipated operating life, and the source
of the necessary funds for each year;

10. A proposed disposal plan and assured funding mechanism for the
nuclear waste proposed to be stored temporarily at the facility,
including the costs of such disposal and the source of the funds

11. A proposed plan for decontamination and decommissioning of the
facility and restoration of the site to unrestricted use, including the
costs thereof and the source of the funds therefor; and

12. A statement of the environmental impact of the proposed action,
including short-term and long-term effects; mitigation measures proposed
to minimize the environmental impact; and any adverse environmental
effects which could not be avoided should the facility be constructed,
maintained and operated.