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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Supplemental studies for future energy planning
§ 6-108. Supplemental studies for future energy planning. The board
shall undertake the following studies to supplement information for
future energy planning:

1. On or before September first, two thousand twelve, and every four
years thereafter, the board shall undertake a study of the overall
reliability of the state's electric transmission and distribution
system. The board may contract with an independent and competitively
selected contractor to undertake such study. The board shall prepare a
report on such study's findings and legislative recommendations. The
board shall transmit such report along with the reliability study to the
governor, the speaker of the assembly, the temporary president of the
senate, the chair of the assembly energy committee, and the chair of the
senate energy and telecommunications committee.

2. Such study shall include, at a minimum, an assessment of each of
the following:

(a) the current and projected reliability of the electric power system
over the term of the planning period, with specific focus on
transmission systems and distribution systems within the state. The
assessment shall examine: (i) investment in infrastructure, including
capital improvements, expansions, and maintenance; and (ii) workforce

(b) the potential impact of the following on distribution system
reliability and on each factor enumerated in paragraph (a) of this
subdivision: (i) distributed electric generation, especially generation
using renewable or innovative energy resources; (ii) energy conservation
and efficiency; (iii) load control and peak saving measures; (iv)
corporate reorganization of electric utilities; (v) performance
ratemaking, multi-year rate agreements, and other departures from
traditional regulatory mechanisms; and (vi) large scale industrial

(c) the potential impact of the following on transmission system
reliability: (i) each factor enumerated in paragraph (b) of this
subdivision; (ii) changes in protocols for electricity dispatched
through the BSO or its successor or successors; (iii) accommodation of
proposed new electric generation facilities or repowering or life
extension of existing facilities; and (iv) the market-driven nature of
decisions to build, size, and locate such facilities.

3. The board and any contractors it may retain for such purposes shall
consult with entities that have resources and expertise to assist in
such study, including, but not limited to, the BSO, public utilities,
and any other electric company or trade organizations.

(a) The Long Island power authority, the power authority of the state
of New York, the department of public service, and the BSO shall
cooperate with the board and its contractor.

(b) The Long Island power authority and the power authority of the
state of New York are authorized, as deemed feasible and advisable by
their respective boards, to make a voluntary contribution toward the