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This entry was published on 2024-02-16
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SECTION 11-0522
Urban deer management pilot program
Environmental Conservation (ENV) CHAPTER 43-B, ARTICLE 11, TITLE 5
* § 11-0522. Urban deer management pilot program.

1. For the purposes of this section, " nuisance wildlife specialist"
shall mean an employee of or a contractor for the federal or state
government responsible for wildlife management acting pursuant to a deer
management plan and deer cull permit. A nuisance wildlife specialist
must be in compliance with criteria established by the department that
at a minimum shall require:

a. a minimum level of marksmanship qualifications appropriate to the
firearm or hunting implement to be used;

b. liability insurance coverage or other financial arrangements
identified by the department;

c. a copy of the cull permit and a copy of the log of nuisance
wildlife specialists using the permit, be on the nuisance wildlife
specialist's person when exercising any privilege of such permit; and

d. reporting requirements.

2. The department may, after reviewing the city of Syracuse's cull
permit application and site-specific deer management plan, and upon a
finding by the city of Syracuse that deer have become a nuisance,
destructive to public or private property or a threat to public health
or welfare, issue a deer cull permit for use within the boundaries of
the city of Syracuse, authorizing use of a nuisance wildlife specialist
to take deer pursuant to the terms of the deer cull permit.

3. Each cull permit application shall at a minimum include
requirements for: the timeframe during which the permit must be used, a
site-specific deer management plan, a geographic description of the area
for which the permit is being requested, a written contract with the
city of Syracuse, a list which identifies participating nuisance
wildlife specialists and eligibility based on the criteria established
by the department, provided by the city of Syracuse, requests for any
authorization pursuant to subdivisions three and nine of section 11-0505
of this title, subdivision two of section 11-0901 of this article, and
subdivisions two and four of section 11-0931 of this article, provided
that any such authorization subsequently granted shall be explicitly
included on any cull permit, and details regarding expected local law
enforcement consultation.

4. Nothing in this section shall be construed as requiring or
obligating the department to issue a permit to take deer when in its
opinion the nuisance, destruction of property or threat to public health
and welfare will not be effectively abated thereby.

* NB Repealed January 1, 2027