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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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SECTION 11-0524
Nuisance wildlife control operators
Environmental Conservation (ENV) CHAPTER 43-B, ARTICLE 11, TITLE 5
§ 11-0524. Nuisance wildlife control operators.

1. No person shall charge a fee to take, possess, transport or release
wildlife whenever it becomes a nuisance pursuant to section 11-0505,
11-0507, 11-0521, or 11-0523 of this title unless such person has been
issued a nuisance wildlife control operator license by the department.

2. No person shall be issued a license by the department under this
section unless he or she provides evidence satisfactory to the
department, that he or she has completed nuisance wildlife control
training. In addition to any other requirements of the department, such
training shall include training in site evaluation, methods of resolving
common nuisance wildlife problems, including, but not limited to,
non-lethal methods; exclusion methods; habitat modification; and capture
and handling techniques.

3. The department may issue a revocable nuisance wildlife control
operator license and adopt regulations concerning the qualifications for
such license and the terms and conditions of such license provided,
however, that any such regulations, terms and conditions include
training requirements consistent with subdivision two of this section.

4. The fee for a nuisance wildlife control operator license shall be
fifty dollars paid annually to be deposited in the conservation fund
established pursuant to section eighty-three of the state finance law,
provided, however, that a municipality shall not be subject to this fee.

5. Any person licensed pursuant to this section shall submit annually
a report to the department which specifies each client's name and
address, the date work was performed, the species controlled, the
abatement method used, the disposition of the animal, and any other
information as required by the department. The department shall annually
update a list of nuisance wildlife control operators and make it
available to the public in both printed and electronic formats.