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SECTION 11-0527
State aid to counties participating in control of rabies in wildlife
Environmental Conservation (ENV) CHAPTER 43-B, ARTICLE 11, TITLE 5
§ 11-0527. State aid to counties participating in control of rabies in


1. The board of supervisors or county legislative body of any county
may appropriate moneys for the purpose of controlling the disease rabies
in wildlife.

2. Any county situated in an area wherein the infection of wild foxes
or other wildlife populations is certified to exist with danger to
health and welfare, in accordance with the provisions of section
11-0525, may submit a plan for joint approval by the state departments
of Health, Agriculture and Markets and Environmental Conservation for
the purposes of eliminating, reducing or confining the disease rabies.
If such plan, or a modification of such plan, is approved by such
departments and is duly carried out by any such county in accordance
with such regulations as may be adopted by the Department of
Environmental Conservation (which regulations when adopted shall be made
a part of such plan) then such county shall be reimbursed by the state
to the extent of fifty per centum of the amount by it expended in the
execution of such plan; provided, however, that such reimbursement to
any county shall not exceed six thousand dollars in any state fiscal

3. A county shall not be reimbursed for any moneys expended by it for
the payment of bounties for the taking of wildlife.

4. Not later than the last day of each of the months of June,
September, December and March the county treasurer of each such county
which has been certified under section 11-0525 and approved under this
section, and has incurred expenditures pursuant to the provisions of
this section during the three months' period ending on such days, shall
make a report to the Commissioner of Environmental Conservation of the
amount of such expenditures and apply for the state reimbursement herein

5. Such report and application shall be in such form and contain such
information as may be required by the Commissioner of Environmental
Conservation. The commissioner shall thereupon promptly certify to the
comptroller for payment the amount of state reimbursement due the county
thereon. The amounts so certified by the Commissioner of Environmental
Conservation, after audit by and on the warrant of the Comptroller,
shall be paid to the county treasurers of the respective counties to
which such reimbursement is due, from any moneys available by
appropriation therefor. No reimbursement shall be made for expenditures
incurred by any county after such time as the Departments of Health and
Agriculture and Markets shall have certified that danger to health and
welfare from the disease rabies no longer exists in such county.