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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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SECTION 11-1725
Shipment by carriers
Environmental Conservation (ENV) CHAPTER 43-B, ARTICLE 11, TITLE 17
§ 11-1725. Shipment by carriers.

1. Carriers may receive, and may transport, within and from within to
without the state, carcasses and parts thereof of game, described in
subdivision 1 of section 11-1721 and identified as provided in that
section, when they are also labeled as provided in this section.

2. a. When received in this state by a carrier, or transported within
or from within to without the state by a carrier, every shipment of game
required by section 11-1721 to be identified, shall also have attached a
card or label with the following data plainly printed or written
thereon: names and addresses of consignor and consignee, number and kind
of carcasses or parts thereof.

b. If the consignor is the person who holds the game breeder's license
or shooting preserve license by authority of which such game (other than
imported foreign game) is saleable, or if the game is imported foreign
game shipped by a licensed game dealer, the card or label shall also
state the name and address of the holder of such license, and the number
of the license.

3. No carrier or employee thereof shall, while engaged in such
business, transport as owner any fish or game not lawfully saleable. No
carrier or employee thereof shall knowingly receive or possess any fish
or game, whether packed or unpacked, for shipment for any person, unless
(a) if it is game or trout described in section 11-1721 of this title,
it is identified as required by that section, and (b) in any case, it
bears the tag, card, identification or label required by this section or
by sections 11-0911, 11-0917, 11-1319 or 11-1913 of this article.