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SECTION 11-1905
Breeding of domestic game animals
Environmental Conservation (ENV) CHAPTER 43-B, ARTICLE 11, TITLE 19
§ 11-1905. Breeding of domestic game animals.

1. The department may, in its discretion, issue to an owner or lessee
of wholly enclosed lands or an entire island a domestic game animal
breeder's license permitting him to possess and propagate domestic game
animals provided such animals are confined and cared for according to
specifications and regulations which the department, by order, shall
adopt. The license shall expire on March 31 every fifth year. The
department shall prescribe and furnish forms for application for such
license. Applicants shall pay, and the department shall be entitled to
receive, fees in accordance with the type of license issued.

a. Class A license, two hundred dollars. This license shall allow the
holder thereof to purchase, possess, propagate, transport and sell
domestic game animals dead or alive.

b. Class B license, forty dollars. This license shall allow the holder
thereof to purchase, possess and propagate domestic game animals for his
own use. No animals may be sold, exchanged or given away except that
portions of the carcass may be given away provided they are packaged and
the package bears the name and license number of the licensee.

2. The department may revoke the license of any licensee convicted of
a violation of this section, and no license shall be issued to him for
the ensuing two years.

3. Only domestic game animals legally propagated or acquired shall be
possessed under these licenses.

4. On the premises described in the application for the license, the
licensee may kill domestic game animals at any time and in any manner
and, with the consent of the licensee, any person may take domestic game
animals by shooting at any time.

5. The holder of a domestic game animal breeder's license shall keep
records and make reports as required by and upon forms furnished by the
department. The reports shall be subscribed by the licensee, and shall
contain an affirmation that the statements therein are made subject to
the penalties of perjury. The records shall be continuous and shall be
kept on the licensed premises, and the licensee shall allow any
representative of the department to enter the premises to inspect his
operations and records. Records must be retained for a period of three

6. Domestic game animal carcasses and parts shall be identified as
required by section 11-1721 of this article.