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SECTION 11-2101
Powers of the department
Environmental Conservation (ENV) CHAPTER 43-B, ARTICLE 11, TITLE 21
§ 11-2101. Powers of the department.

1. The department shall have power:

a. to make regulations for the use of state-owned boat-launching sites
and state-owned boat-access sites and public hunting, trapping and
fishing grounds and to prohibit, limit and manage hunting, trapping and
fishing on lands, waters or lands and waters on which such grounds are
established, in such manner as it deems calculated to promote the public
interest, notwithstanding any other provision of the Fish and Wildlife
Law or other law;

b. by posting signs or serving notice as provided in section 11-2111
to protect any lands or waters, rights or interests therein owned,
leased or otherwise acquired by the state and assigned or made available
to the department for controlling, managing, propagating or distributing
fish or wildlife or for conducting and managing hatcheries or biological
stations, game farms, rearing stations, refuges, public hunting,
trapping and fishing grounds or game management areas;

c. to fix the terms of permits issued and regulations adopted
permitting the taking of fish or wildlife on, or entering upon, any area
or facility mentioned in this subdivision;

d. to enter into cooperative agreement with any department of the
United States government, municipality or person for the purpose of
better promoting fish and wildlife conservation practices on any lands
or waters owned, leased or otherwise acquired by the state and made
available to the department for use by the department, or on other lands
or waters as provided in sections 11-0303, 11-0321 or 11-0501.

e. to dispose of surplus products of the state's fish hatcheries and
to dispose of pheasant chicks and surplus pheasant eggs of the state's
game farms as it deems proper.

2. Whenever in the conduct of the public hunting, trapping and fishing
grounds, game refuges and other areas held for use by the department, in
the opinion of the department it becomes necessary to remove trees and
other products in order to manage such areas along lines scientific
research indicates are best calculated to produce the optimum conditions
for fish or wildlife, the department may, upon such terms as it may deem
to be for the best interests of the state, sell the trees, timber and
other products on any such grounds, refuges or other areas acquired by
purchase, gift or devise for use by the department.