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This entry was published on 2019-09-20
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SECTION 13-0319
Shellfish regulations
Environmental Conservation (ENV) CHAPTER 43-B, ARTICLE 13, TITLE 3
§ 13-0319. Shellfish regulations.

The department may adopt regulations with respect to the harvesting,
transplanting, relaying, receiving, possessing, transporting, importing,
exporting, processing, buying, selling of or otherwise trafficking in
shellfish; the labeling or tagging thereof; the keeping of records of
shellfish received, transported and distributed; the construction,
operation and maintenance of all shellfish handling, processing and
distributing establishments, including facilities and equipment and the
cleaning, cleansing and water storage of shellfish. The provisions of
this section relating to transplanting and relaying include but are not
limited to the removal of shellfish from uncertified growing areas and
transplanting to certified areas for subsequent harvest for market
purposes and transplanting of scallops pursuant to section 13-0327. Such
regulations may provide for payment of the reasonable costs of the
department of supervision of removal of shellfish from uncertified
areas, except where such removal is being undertaken by a municipality
or political subdivision. Such regulations shall be drawn in such a
manner as to provide adequate sanitary control over all shellfish
offered for sale and distribution in the state. Such regulations shall
not be less restrictive than the minimum requirements of any federal
agency regulating the inter-state shipment of shellfish.