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SECTION 14-0107
New York ocean and Great Lakes ecosystem conservation council
Environmental Conservation (ENV) CHAPTER 43-B, ARTICLE 14
§ 14-0107. New York ocean and Great Lakes ecosystem conservation


1. There is hereby created the New York ocean and Great Lakes
ecosystem conservation council. The council shall consist of the
following thirteen members: the commissioners of agriculture and
markets, economic development, environmental conservation, general
services, parks, recreation and historic preservation, health, education
and transportation; the secretary of state; the president of the energy
research and development authority; the president of the environmental
facilities corporation; the chairman of the state soil and water
conservation committee; and the chancellor of the state university of
New York; or their respective designees.

2. The commissioner shall serve as chair of the council, and the
deputy secretary of state for coastal resources shall serve as such
council's executive director.

3. Members of the council shall receive no compensation but shall be
entitled to reimbursement for any necessary expenses incurred in
connection with the performance of their duties.

4. The council shall meet at least quarterly.