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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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SECTION 15-1109
Additional powers and duties of the department
Environmental Conservation (ENV) CHAPTER 43-B, ARTICLE 15, TITLE 11
§ 15-1109. Additional powers and duties of the department.

1. The department shall, if appropriations are available therefor,
provide the board with such office space and equipment, clerical,
technical, scientific, engineering, legal and other personnel and
services as are reasonably necessary to assist the board in carrying out
its functions, and shall fix the compensation, within appropriations
available therefor, of such personnel. The department may enter into and
execute contracts in the manner and form prescribed by law for
technical, scientific, engineering and legal services to be made
available for the board's functions, and may enter into cooperative
agreements with federal agencies for research, the investigation,
collection, compilation, study and analysis of information and data on
the water resources and the hydrology of the state, and for the
preparation and publication of reports thereon.

2. The department shall cooperate with the board and render to it
advisory and consultant services whenever practicable.

3. The department shall endeavor to coordinate the activities of
existing agencies and departments of the state charged with functions
involving waters and to secure their cooperation with and assistance for
the board in carrying out its functions, and provide the means for
coordination of the studies and development plans of all regional

4. The department shall keep a true and accurate account of all
expenditures incurred on behalf of the board including, but not limited
to, those incurred for all proceedings, hearings (except the hearing
required by section 15-1103), notifications, clerical, technical,
engineering, legal and other services and expenses;

5. The department shall, within a reasonable time after the plan has
been approved or disapproved, submit an itemized statement of the costs
and expenses so incurred and expended to the county legislative body.
Notice shall be attached to such statement that, under title 11 of this
article, twenty-five per cent of the cost and expenses is a county
charge which, if more than one county is involved, is to be equitably
apportioned among them; that the counties may by agreement determine
such equitable apportionment within sixty days from the date of such
notice, and, that in the failure of the counties so to agree, the
department, on a specified date after such sixty day period has expired,
will hear the counties at its office and proceed to make an equitable
apportionment of the county charge;

6. The department shall recommend legislation to accomplish and
further the planning and development program of the water resources of
the state.