1. The Laws of New York
  2. Consolidated Laws
  3. Environmental Conservation
  4. Article 16: Flood Control

Section 16-0105 Appropriation for flood control purposes

Environmental Conservation (ENV)

  The legislature may appropriate from any money in the state treasury not otherwise appropriated for payment by the state for the costs of the state's participation in federal flood control projects and for engineering connected with these projects including personal services and expenses. The money appropriated shall be available for the cost of relocation and reconstruction of state highways, including structures; for channel improvements; for check dams; for quarries, gravel pits, spoil banks and burrow pits; for access roads; for camp sites; for relocation of buildings, structures and facilities; for relocation of the properties, structures, service lines and connections incident thereto of public service utilities, both publicly and privately owned; for relocation of railroad rights-of-way, facilities and structures; for rights of way and for other related purposes contemplated by and incidental to said flood control projects. The moneys appropriated shall also be available for payment by the state for the relocation and reconstruction of streets, sidewalks, public grounds, parks, cemeteries, water supply systems, sewer systems and lighting systems of municipal corporations, county roads and town highways, including structures and including rights of way.