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SECTION 27-0717
Bureau of waste reduction and recycling
Environmental Conservation (ENV) CHAPTER 43-B, ARTICLE 27, TITLE 7
§ 27-0717. Bureau of waste reduction and recycling.

1. The commissioner, with the approval of the director of the division
of the budget, shall establish within the department a bureau of waste
reduction and recycling. Such bureau shall be a separate entity to
assist in the development and promotion of local waste reduction, source
separation and recycling programs. Such programs shall promote the
source separation, collection, intermediate processing and marketing of
waste materials that are now being disposed of as municipal solid waste
in New York state. The bureau shall:

(a) promote the development and implementation of programs by

(b) serve as a clearinghouse for information regarding existing source
separation and recycling programs;

(c) identify special needs and problems in developing and implementing
source separation and recycling programs, and recommend approaches and
solutions to address such identified needs and problems; and

(d) coordinate its activities with other solid waste assistance
programs of the department.

2. Pursuant to regulations promulgated in accordance with the state
administrative procedure act, the bureau shall establish an official
state recycling emblem and conduct a consumer awareness program with
respect thereto. Such emblem shall be of a design to include terms or
symbols for "New York State", and "recyclable" and/or "recycled" and/or
"reuseable". Standards for such terms or symbols shall be developed
pursuant to regulations which with respect to (a) "recyclable" shall
address material for which technologies or systems for reuse as a
secondary material exist; and (b) "recycled" shall address material
containing a specified minimum percentage by weight of secondary
materials content; and (c) "reusable" shall address ability to be
repeatedly returned for refilling or reuse with the original product.
Further, such regulations may stipulate prohibitions on the unauthorized
use of the state recycling emblem.

3. The bureau shall implement and conduct a program of public
education and information to inform the public and private sectors of
the state as to the merits of the use of secondary materials and for
consumers to actively seek consumer products which contain secondary
materials or which are easily recycled or reused. Such program shall
communicate the importance of minimizing the need for new solid waste
disposal capacity and of conserving natural resources, avoiding harm to
the environment or public health, and promoting resource conservation,
recovery and reuse by industry, the state of New York, public and
quasi-public agencies and authorities, local governments and the general
public of the state.

4. The bureau shall be responsible for the administration of the New
York state local resource reuse and development program established
pursuant to sections 27-0403 and 27-0405 of this article.