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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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SECTION 27-0909
Standards applicable to transporters of hazardous waste
Environmental Conservation (ENV) CHAPTER 43-B, ARTICLE 27, TITLE 9
§ 27-0909. Standards applicable to transporters of hazardous waste.

Not later than eighteen months after the effective date of this title,
and after consultation and coordination with the commissioner of
transportation, and after opportunity for public hearings, the
commissioner shall promulgate regulations establishing such standards
which shall be applicable to transporters of hazardous waste identified
or listed under this title, as may be necessary to protect human health
and the environment. Such standards shall include but need not be
limited to requirements respecting:

1. Recordkeeping practices that accurately identify the hazardous
wastes transported, and their sources and delivery points;

2. Transportation and storage of such waste only if properly labeled;

3. Compliance with the manifest system established under section
27-0905 of this title;

4. Transportation of all such hazardous waste only to the hazardous
waste treatment, storage, or disposal facility or facilities which are
designated on the manifest form, a copy of which shall be presented to
the generator prior to transportation, and which either hold operation
permits issued under this article, are a permittee under the Federal
Resource Conservation and Recovery Act of nineteen hundred seventy-six
or any amendments thereof, or are otherwise duly authorized to accept
hazardous waste; and

5. Requirement of a bond to meet all responsibilities in case of
release of hazardous wastes causing damage as a condition to the
issuance of a permit to a transporter required by this title.

6. No vehicle, vehicle container, holding tank or other equipment used
to transport hazardous waste shall be used in transporting any item
intended for human or animal consumption unless such waste and its
residue have been completely removed. The commissioner shall promulgate
regulations establishing such minimum standards and procedures necessary
to insure proper cleaning and removal of hazardous waste and its residue
from such equipment.