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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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SECTION 27-1113
Community advisory committees
Environmental Conservation (ENV) CHAPTER 43-B, ARTICLE 27, TITLE 11
§ 27-1113. Community advisory committees.

1. In addition to any authority conferred by any other provision of
law, a county within which an industrial hazardous waste treatment,
storage and disposal facility subject to this title is to be situated,
shall constitute a committee for the purpose of entering into a dialogue
with the applicant to develop mutually acceptable solutions to problems
which may be created by the siting of the facility in the community.

2. The committee shall have no fewer than nine and no more than
fifteen members. No more than one-third of the members shall be
designated by the chief executive officer, or if none, the chairman of
the county legislative body, of the affected county. No less than
two-thirds of the members shall be designated by the chief executive
officer of the affected city, town or village as the case may be,
provided however, if the proposed facility is located in more than one
city, town or village, the chief executive officer of such cities,
towns, or villages shall have the authority to appoint an equal number
of members to the local advisory committee, the total of which shall not
be less than two-thirds of such committee.

3. The members of the committee shall be deemed employees of the
public entity by which they were respectively designated for purposes of
section eighteen of the public officers law.

4. Within fifteen days after receipt of notification of the
constitution of a community advisory committee, the chairman of the
board or his designee shall convene and preside over a conference
between the applicant and such committee. The chairman of the facility
siting board or his designee shall endeavor to foster a dialogue between
the applicant and the committee, and to that end, shall convene and
preside over such additional conferences as may be necessary.