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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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SECTION 27-1501
Environmental Conservation (ENV) CHAPTER 43-B, ARTICLE 27, TITLE 15
§ 27-1501. Definitions.

1. "Regulated medical waste" shall mean regulated medical waste as
defined pursuant to section thirteen hundred eighty-nine-aa of the
public health law and regulations promulgated thereunder, provided,
however, that "regulated medical waste" shall not include any hazardous
waste identified or listed pursuant to section 27-0903 of this article,
or any household waste as defined in regulations promulgated under such

2. "Person" shall mean an individual, trust, firm, joint stock
company, corporation (including a government corporation), partnership,
association, state or federal government and any agency thereof,
municipality, commission, political subdivision of a state, or any
interstate body.

3. "Storage" shall mean the containment of regulated medical waste in
such a manner as not to constitute disposal of such waste.

4. "Transport" shall mean the movement of regulated medical waste from
the point of generation to any intermediate points and finally to the
point of ultimate disposal. For the purposes of this title, the point of
generation with regard to facilities that are generator's of regulated
medical waste shall be the point at which the regulated medical waste
leaves the generator's facility site.

5. "Treatment" shall mean any method, technique or process designed to
change the character or composition of any regulated medical waste so as
to either neutralize such waste or to render such waste not infectious
as approved by the commissioner of health pursuant to section thirteen
hundred eighty-nine-dd of the public health law.

7. "Ownership" shall mean the possession of equity in the capital, the
stock or the profits of an entity transporting regulated medical waste,
including, but not limited to, property in or title to a vehicle or
vessel or any exclusive lease or bailment of a motor vehicle for a
period of greater than thirty days.

8. "Indirect ownership" shall mean an ownership interest in an entity
that has an ownership interest in an entity transporting regulated
medical waste.

9. "Substantial interest" shall mean ownership or indirect ownership
of ten per centum or more.

11. "Infectious agents" shall be limited to those organisms that cause
disease or an adverse health impact to humans.