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This entry was published on 2017-09-29
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SECTION 27-1507
Treatment and disposal of regulated medical waste
Environmental Conservation (ENV) CHAPTER 43-B, ARTICLE 27, TITLE 15
§ 27-1507. Treatment and disposal of regulated medical waste.

1. Treatment or disposal of regulated medical waste shall be by one of
the following methods:

a. By incineration in a regulated medical waste incineration facility
approved and under permit pursuant to article nineteen of this chapter
which provides complete combustion of the waste to carbonized or
mineralized ash. Regulated medical waste so combusted shall be
disposable as nonhazardous waste provided it is not an otherwise
hazardous waste as defined in the regulations promulgated under section
27-0903 of this article.

b. By discharge to sewerage system if the waste is liquid or
semi-liquid except as specifically prohibited by the commissioner or the
commissioner of health.

c. By decontamination by autoclaving, or by other technique approved
by the department of health. Regulated medical waste so treated shall be
disposed of as solid waste provided it is not otherwise a hazardous
waste as defined in section 27-0903 of this article or the regulations
promulgated thereunder, and is accompanied by a certificate, in a form
prescribed by the commissioner of health which evidences such treatment.

d. By other method approved in writing by the commissioner of health.

2. Regulated medical wastes shall not be disposed of by burial at a
landfill disposal facility, unless treated in accordance with
subdivision one of this section. All sharps must be rendered
unrecognizable prior to disposal.