1. The Laws of New York
  2. Consolidated Laws
  3. Environmental Conservation
  4. Article 27: Collection, Treatment and Disposal of Refuse and Other Solid Waste
  5. Title 20: Postconsumer Paint Collection Program

Section 27-2005 Reporting requirements

Environmental Conservation (ENV)

  1. On or before October fifteenth, two thousand twenty-one, and annually thereafter, each operator of a program shall submit a report to the commissioner that details the postconsumer paint collection program for the prior year's program from July first to June thirtieth. The report shall be posted on the department's website. The report shall be posted on the website of the producer and representative organization. Said report shall include a copy of the independent audit detailed in paragraph (d) of this subdivision. Such annual report shall include:

  (a) a detailed description of the methods used to collect, transport and process postconsumer paint in the state including detailing collection methods made available to consumers and an evaluation of the program's collection convenience;

  (b) the overall volume of postconsumer paint collected in the state;

  (c) the volume and type of postconsumer paint collected in the state by method of disposition, including reuse, recycling and other methods of processing or disposal;

  (d) the total cost of implementing the program, as determined by an independent financial audit, as performed by an independent auditor;

  (e) samples of all educational materials provided to consumers of architectural paint and retailers; and

  (f) a detailed list of efforts undertaken and an evaluation of the methods used to disseminate such materials including recommendations, if any, for how the educational component of the program can be improved.

  2. The department shall submit a report regarding the implementation of this title in this state to the governor and legislature by April first, two thousand twenty-two and every two years thereafter. The report must include, at a minimum, an evaluation of:

  (a) the architectural and postconsumer paint stream in the state;

  (b) disposal, recycling and reuse rates in the state for architectural paint;

  (c) a discussion of compliance and enforcement related to the requirements of this title; and

  (d) recommendations for any changes to this title.