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This entry was published on 2019-04-19
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SECTION 27-2211
Department responsibilities
Environmental Conservation (ENV) CHAPTER 43-B, ARTICLE 27, TITLE 22
§ 27-2211. Department responsibilities.

1. The department shall publish on its website: (a) the methodology
the department will use to determine who is a designated food scrap
generator; (b) the waiver process; (c) procedures to minimize odors and
vectors; and (d) a list of all designated food scraps generators,
organics recyclers, and all waste transporters that manage
source-separated organics.

2. No later than June first, two thousand twenty-one and annually
thereafter, the department shall assess the capacity of each organic
recycler and notify designated food scraps generators if they are
required to comply with the provisions of paragraph (b) of subdivision
one of section 27-2203 of this title.

3. The department shall develop and make available educational
materials to assist designated food scraps generators with compliance
with this title. The department shall also develop education materials
on food waste minimization and encourage municipalities to disseminate
these materials both on their municipal websites and in any such future
mailings to their residents as they may distribute.

4. The department shall regulate organics recyclers to ensure that
their activities do not impair water quality or otherwise harm human
health and the environment.