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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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SECTION 27-2303*2
Wireless telephone collection
Environmental Conservation (ENV) CHAPTER 43-B, ARTICLE 27, TITLE 23*2
* § 27-2303. Wireless telephone collection.

1. (a) Every wireless telephone service supplier engaged in the retail
sale of wireless telephones shall:

(i) accept, at no charge, up to ten used wireless telephones from any
person during the normal business hours of such business; or

(ii) offer to any person at no charge, the shipping of used wireless
telephones to a recycling program conducted by such business.
Information about such a program shall be readily available at such
business locations and on its website.

(b) Every wireless telephone service supplier required to accept used
wireless telephones or provide shipping at no charge for used wireless
telephones pursuant to paragraph (a) of this subdivision shall
conspicuously post a sign open to public view, clearly indicating that
used wireless telephones are accepted or shipping is provided at no
charge. Such signs may also state that used wireless telephones shall
only be accepted during normal business hours, and may state such hours.

2. Every wireless telephone service supplier required to accept or pay
for the shipment of used wireless telephones shall take reasonable steps
to ensure each used wireless telephone accepted or shipped pursuant to
this section shall either be recycled, reused or disposed of in an
environmentally sound manner.

* NB There are 2 § 27-2303's