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This entry was published on 2023-08-25
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SECTION 27-2907
Department responsibilities
Environmental Conservation (ENV) CHAPTER 43-B, ARTICLE 27, TITLE 29
* § 27-2907. Department responsibilities.

1. No later than June first, two thousand fifteen, the department
shall maintain on its website information regarding the collection and
proper management of out-of-service mercury thermostats in the state.
The information shall include the following:

(a) a description of the collection programs established under this

(b) a report on the progress towards achieving the statewide
collection goals set forth in this title; and

(c) a list of all thermostat wholesalers, contractors, qualified local
government authorities, and thermostat retailers participating in the
program as collection sites.

2. No later than November first, two thousand eighteen, the department
shall submit a written report to the governor and the legislature
regarding the effectiveness of the collection programs established under
this section, information on the number of out-of-service thermostats
collected, how the out-of-service thermostats were managed, and an
estimate of the number of thermostats that are available for collection.
The department shall use this information to recommend whether the
provisions of this section should be extended, along with any other
statutory changes. In preparing the report, the department shall consult
with mercury thermostat manufacturers, environmental organizations,
municipal recyclers, and other interest groups.

* NB Repealed January 1, 2025