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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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SECTION 29-0301
Appointment of the commission
Environmental Conservation (ENV) CHAPTER 43-B, ARTICLE 29, TITLE 3
* § 29-0301. Appointment of the commission.

1. There is hereby created a commission for siting low-level
radioactive waste disposal facilities. The commission shall consist of
seven members appointed by the governor whose appointment shall be
effective when issued. The members of the commission, to the extent
practicable, shall be competent and knowledgeable concerning low-level
radioactive waste and shall be qualified as follows:

a. a geologist;

b. a medical doctor;

c. a health physicist;

d. a professional engineer;

e. a social scientist;

f. an environmentalist who represents a non-profit environmental

g. a private citizen who shall be designated to act as chairperson.

2. The chairperson shall appoint an executive director to the

3. In the event of resignation of one of the commission members, the
governor shall appoint a replacement. Each member shall receive the sum
of two hundred dollars for each day in which the member is actually and
primarily engaged in the performance of the duties specified herein plus
actual and necessary expenses incurred by such member in the performance
of such duties.

4. The members of the commission, the executive director and any
employees of the commission shall be considered public officers for
purposes of the public officers law.

5. Four of the seven members of the commission shall constitute a
quorum for the transaction of business of the commission and the
decision of four members of the commission shall constitute action of
the commission; provided, however, that no application for certification
pursuant to section 29-0105 of this article shall be made except upon
the affirmative vote of four or more members of the commission.

* NB Commission existence pursuant to § 29-0309