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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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SECTION 29-0307
Cooperation with other agencies
Environmental Conservation (ENV) CHAPTER 43-B, ARTICLE 29, TITLE 3
* § 29-0307. Cooperation with other agencies.

1. All agencies and authorities of the state, municipalities, and
political subdivisions of the state are hereby directed to cooperate
with the commission in order to facilitate and expedite the
responsibilities and duties of the commission. To the extent practicable
and not otherwise inconsistent with law and upon the request of the
commission, any agency or authority of the state shall provide copies of
existing studies, surveys, plans, data, and other materials in its
possession to the commission.

2. The commission shall assure that the advisory committee appointed
pursuant to section 29-0501 of this article has a timely opportunity to
provide information and recommendations to the commission on all aspects
of its activities pursuant to section 29-0303 of this title.

3. In consultation and cooperation with the advisory committee
established pursuant to section 29-0501 of this article, the commission
shall keep the public informed of its activities in developing the draft
environmental impact statement required by section 29-0303 of this title
and encourage the public to participate by providing views, comments,
information, and analysis concerning siting and disposal method
selection for permanent disposal facilities.

4. The department of audit and control and the department of law are
hereby directed to expedite the processing of all contracts associated
with carrying out the provisions of this section.

* NB Commission existence pursuant to § 29-0309