1. The Laws of New York
  2. Consolidated Laws
  3. Environmental Conservation
  4. Article 33: Pesticides
  5. Title 7: Registration of Pesticides

Section 33-0711 Procedure when registration is denied

Environmental Conservation (ENV)

  If the commissioner shall decide that the pesticide does not warrant the proposed claims for it or if the pesticide and its labeling and other material required to be submitted do not comply with the provisions of this article, he shall notify the applicant for registration of the manner in which the pesticide, labeling, or other material required to be submitted fail to comply with this article so as to afford the registrant an opportunity to make the necessary corrections. If, upon receipt of such notice, the applicant for registration does not make the corrections, the commissioner shall refuse to register the article, and shall notify the applicant of his action and the reasons for his refusal. Whenever an application for registration is refused, the applicant, within thirty days after service of notice of such refusal, may file a petition requesting that the matter be referred to an advisory committee or file objections and request a public hearing in accordance with section 33-0717.