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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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SECTION 33-1001
Requirements and restrictions
Environmental Conservation (ENV) CHAPTER 43-B, ARTICLE 33, TITLE 10
§ 33-1001. Requirements and restrictions.

1. Prior to any commercial lawn application the applicator shall enter
into a written contract with the owner of the property or his or her
agent specifying the approximate date or dates of application, number of
applications, and total cost for the service to be provided.

2. Prior to any commercial lawn application the applicator shall
supply the property owner or his or her agent with a copy of:

a. a list of substances to be applied including brand names and
generic names of active ingredients;

b. any warnings that appear on the label of pesticides to be applied
that are pertinent to the protection of humans, animals or the
environment; and

c. the company name, address, telephone number, business registration
number and applicator certification identification card number.

Such information shall be supplied in either a written, digital or
electronic format which shall be determined by the owner or his or her
agent provided however that the applicator must also have a written copy
of such information in his or her possession.

3. In the event that application on the date or dates specified
becomes infeasible, the person who is to provide such application shall
give the owner or his agent oral or written notice of the proposed
alternate date or dates, and shall receive acceptance of such alternate
date or dates from the owner or his agent prior to initiating commercial
lawn application.

4. Persons providing commercial lawn applications shall maintain
copies of all contracts required pursuant to subdivision one of this