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This entry was published on 2022-06-24
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SECTION 33-1203
Access to pesticide information
Environmental Conservation (ENV) CHAPTER 43-B, ARTICLE 33, TITLE 12
§ 33-1203. Access to pesticide information.

1. a. The commissioner shall, upon written request of an interested
party, in printed or electronic form, as requested by such party provide
the information on pesticides submitted to the department pursuant to
sections 33-1205 and 33-1207 of this title. Such information shall be
provided by county or counties, or five-digit zip code or codes as
selected by the interested party making the written request. Pesticide
data shall be provided by EPA registration number, product name and
active ingredient. The commissioner shall not provide the name, address,
or any other information which would otherwise identify a commercial or
private applicator, or any person who sells or offers for sale
restricted use or general use pesticides to a private applicator, or any
person who received the services of a commercial applicator. In
accordance with article six of the public officers law, proprietary
information contained within such record, including price charged per
product, shall not be disclosed. The provisions of this paragraph shall
not apply to the provision of pesticide data to the commissioner of
health, the health research science board and researchers pursuant to
title one-B of article twenty-four of the public health law.

b. The department shall, upon request from the department of health,
compile pesticide application information by nine-digit zip code and
provide the information to the commissioner of health for researchers
entitled to receive information pursuant to paragraph (d) of subdivision
one of section twenty-four hundred eleven of the public health law
provided, however, if the nine-digit zip code cannot be determined, the
information shall be compiled by town or city.

2. The fees for copies of information shall not exceed twenty-five
cents per photocopy not in excess of nine inches by fourteen inches, or
the actual cost of reproducing any information.