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SECTION 35-0107
Powers and duties of commissioner
Environmental Conservation (ENV) CHAPTER 43-B, ARTICLE 35
§ 35-0107. Powers and duties of commissioner.

1. The commissioner is hereby authorized to promulgate regulations
requiring manufacturers of household cleansing products distributed,
sold or offered for sale in this state, to furnish to the commissioner
for the public record as herein provided information regarding such
products in a form prescribed by the commissioner including the nature
and extent of investigations and research performed by the manufacturer
concerning the effects of such products on human health and the
environment. These reports shall be available to the public at the
department of environmental conservation, except those portions the
manufacturer determines, subject to the approval of the commissioner,
would be, if disclosed, seriously prejudicial to the manufacturer's
legitimate interest in trade secrets and economics of operation.

2. No later than February 1, 1973 the commissioner shall prepare and
submit a comprehensive report to the governor and legislature on the
status of progress made in research and development to provide a safe
and effective substitute for phosphates in household cleansing products.

3. Whenever the commissioner finds, after investigation, that any
ingredient of household cleansing products distributed, sold, offered or
exposed for sale in this state, other than an ingredient for which
limitations are set forth in subdivision 2 of section 35-0105, will or
is likely to materially affect adversely human health or the
environment, he may, after public hearing, restrict or limit by
regulation the use of such ingredient in such products.