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This entry was published on 2015-09-25
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SECTION 42-0101
Environmental Conservation (ENV) CHAPTER 43-B, ARTICLE 42
§ 42-0101. Definitions.

1. "Partnership" shall mean the organization established as the
Historic Hudson-Hoosic Rivers Partnership pursuant to section 42-0103 of
this article.

2. "Reserve" shall mean a region in which there is a combination of
publicly and privately owned lands and land uses, within a defined area
where there are traditional patterns including agriculture and open
space, town settlement and economic activity, which due to their pattern
and configuration, and because of the need for sustained productivity
could best be protected, developed and managed through the development
of a comprehensive stewardship plan addressing matters including, but
not limited to, collaborative agriculture and open space protection,
tourism development and revitalization of main streets, recreational
development, and protection and interpretation of natural and cultural

3. "Historic Hudson-Hoosic Rivers area" or "area" shall mean the
contiguous area in Saratoga, Washington and Rensselaer counties within
the towns of Saratoga, Stillwater, Northumberland, Easton, Fort Edward,
Waterford, Halfmoon, Greenwich, Schaghticoke, Hoosick, Moreau, White
Creek, Cambridge, Kingsbury, Corinth and Pittstown; the villages of
South Glens Falls, Cambridge, Hudson Falls, Valley Falls, Schaghticoke,
Corinth and Hoosick Falls; and the city of Mechanicville.

4. "Historic Hudson-Hoosic Rivers fund" or "fund" shall be the fund
established pursuant to section 42-0115 of this article.