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SECTION 43-0105
Lake George park commission; continuation
Environmental Conservation (ENV) CHAPTER 43-B, ARTICLE 43
§ 43-0105. Lake George park commission; continuation.

There shall continue to be in the department a commission to be known
as "Lake George park commission." Such commission shall be a body
corporate and politic. It shall consist of the commissioner, ex officio,
and nine members to be appointed by the governor, by and with the advice
and consent of the senate, at least two of whom shall reside in the
county of Essex, two in the county of Warren and two in the county of
Washington and at least three of whom shall be members of a civic,
protective or service association in the Lake George area. In making
appointments pursuant hereto the governor shall give consideration to
nominations made by such associations in such area. The members shall be
appointed for overlapping nine year terms of office running from April
first of the year in which such terms shall, respectively, commence,
provided, however, that of the members first appointed one shall be
appointed for a one-year term of office beginning April 1, 1961, one for
a two-year term of office, one for a three-year term of office, one for
a four-year term of office, one for a five-year term of office, one for
a six-year term of office, one for a seven-year term of office, one for
an eight-year term of office and one for a nine-year term of office,
each of which shall commence on such date. An appointment to fill a
vacancy shall be made for the remainder of the affected term of office.
The officers thereof shall consist of a chairman, vice-chairman and
secretary-treasurer to be elected by the commission. The members of the
commission shall receive no compensation but may be reimbursed for
expenses necessarily incurred in the performance of their duties.