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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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SECTION 43-0119
Land use restrictions within Lake George park
Environmental Conservation (ENV) CHAPTER 43-B, ARTICLE 43
§ 43-0119. Land use restrictions within Lake George park.

1. No real property lying within the boundaries of the Lake George
park shall be used for the operation of a junk yard, automobile grave
yard, second-hand automobile parts yard, automobile service station
selling petroleum products or repairing motor vehicles, circus,
carnival, shooting gallery, outdoor drive-in theatre, commercial dance
hall, slaughter house, house trailer camp, trailer court, campsite or
similar use operated for commercial purposes in which dwelling
facilities are normally occupied for temporary periods, public dump or
public dumping ground, boarding stable or business offering riding
horses for hire without a permit therefor having been first obtained
from the village within which such real property is located, or if such
real property is not located within a village, from the town within
which such real property is located.

2. No such permit shall be granted by any village or town board until
after a public hearing has been held on the application therefor. Such a
public hearing shall be held only after notice thereof has been
published in a newspaper having general circulation in such village or
town at least ten days before such hearing and notice thereof has been
served on the department, Lake George park commission and all owners of
real property within five hundred feet of the premises for which
application for such permit is made at least ten days before such

3. The village or town board, in granting or denying any application
for such a permit shall consider:

a. the statements made in the application for such permit, all facts
presented at such hearing and other facts known to such board,

b. the effect of the proposed use on the general welfare, safety and
health of the public and on the general welfare of the municipality,

c. the character of the area in which the real property is located,

d. the suitability of the real property for the use proposed in the

e. whether the proposed use is consistent with the purposes and intent
of this article,

f. whether the real property lies within a zone or proposed zone in
which the proposed use is or is proposed to be prohibited, and

g. whether the proposed use is consistent with standards for the
granting or denying of applications for such permits established by such
boards in furtherance of the purposes of this article.

4. The action of a village or town board granting or denying any
application for such a permit shall be reviewable pursuant to article 78
of the Civil Practice Law and Rules.

5. The board of trustees of such a village or the town board of such a
town may fix reasonable fees for the making of applications for permits
pursuant to this section and reasonable fees for the issuance of such