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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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SECTION 44-0115
State agency reports and consistency
Environmental Conservation (ENV) CHAPTER 43-B, ARTICLE 44
§ 44-0115. State agency reports and consistency.

1. The council in carrying out its functions and responsibilities
under this article, shall consult with, cooperate with, and, to the
maximum extent practicable, coordinate its activities with other
interested state agencies.

2. The following officers of state agencies with program
responsibilities that affect aspects of the greenway criteria shall
prepare and submit to the council a program statement which shall detail
actions in the areas of planning, development, use, assistance and
regulation that can support and assist or would conflict with the
establishment and management of the greenway including the compact and
development of the trail:

a. commissioner of the office of parks, recreation and historic
preservation regarding the state historic preservation program, the
state urban cultural park program, state parks within the greenway,
outdoor recreation and trail planning;

b. commissioner of economic development regarding the state tourism
program including the identification of potential tourism destination
areas within the greenway and recommendations for a system of
interactive information outlets throughout the greenway and the impact
of greenway criteria on economic development activities;

c. commissioner of environmental conservation regarding the management
of natural resources including plants, fish and wildlife and natural
communities and protecting environmental quality;

d. commissioner of transportation regarding access and transportation;

e. secretary of state regarding the coastal zone management program
and other planning programs administered by the department of state;

f. commissioner of the office of general services regarding the
stewardship and disposition of state property; and

g. the commissioner of agriculture and markets regarding the
contribution of agricultural activities and programs to greenway

Each such officer shall annually review such statements and submit
revisions and updates to the council as appropriate.

3. After the compact is in effect, any state agency conducting,
funding or approving activities directly affecting greenway resources
shall, to the fullest extent practicable, consult with, cooperate with,
and coordinate its activities with the council and the appropriate
participating community. Any such state agency shall conduct or support
such activities in a manner which is, to the maximum extent practicable,
consistent with the compact in addition to requirements of other laws,
including those of article forty-two of the executive law. The compact
shall be incorporated as part of the reviews of actions pursuant to the
state environmental quality review act as provided in article eight of
this chapter and the New York state historic preservation act of 1980.
For purposes of section 8-0113 of this chapter, the commissioner shall
incorporate consideration of the greenway in rules and regulations
adopted pursuant to such section. The council shall review and comment
in writing upon the statement and effects on the greenway program, made
pursuant to section 8-0109 of this chapter and section 14.09 of the
parks, recreation and historic preservation law.

4. Nothing in this article shall preempt the authority and
responsibilities of the department pursuant to article eleven of this