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SECTION 44-0121
Greenway trail
Environmental Conservation (ENV) CHAPTER 43-B, ARTICLE 44
§ 44-0121. Greenway trail.

1. The conservancy shall designate and develop or cause to be
developed a trail or pathway system consistent with the greenway
criteria connecting the city of New York from the southernmost boundary
of the area designated as the greenway to the Erie canal lock two park
in the town of Waterford, Saratoga county to be known as the Hudson
river valley greenway trail. To the fullest extent practicable, the
trail shall:

a. be located with direct physical or, if not physical, visual access
to the Hudson river;

b. be planned for both sides of the Hudson river;

c. have segments that can be restricted to non-motorized use;

d. utilize existing heritage trails, bikeways, scenic highways,
railroad rights of way and esplanades and make connections with other
trails including trails along tributaries of the Hudson river;

e. highlight and link existing parks, urban cultural parks and
historic sites;

f. provide for interpretive signage and opportunities to experience
the unique natural and cultural heritage of the valley;

g. reflect the natural and cultural diversity;

h. involve state and local agencies and private organizations in the
planning, development and maintenance of the trail of the greenway;

i. use the services of local school districts and the youth
conservation corps to participate in trail development and maintenance;

j. have segment management plans prepared for each segment of the
trail to assure uniform maintenance and upkeep; and

k. have connections to pathways that highlight the character and
resources of the countryside communities.

2. The greenway trail to the extent practicable shall be completed on
or before June first, two thousand five; provided that the conservancy
shall submit a plan for the trail to the governor and legislature within
twenty-four months of the effective date of this section and shall to
the extent practicable dedicate and open significant sections of the
trail on or before June first, two thousand. Planning for the trail
shall commence with the council and the conservancy sponsoring a Hudson
river valley greenway trail symposium to prepare a plan of action for
the planning and development of the trail. Representatives of local
governments in the greenway, interested nonprofit organizations,
representatives of the state and federal government, planners and
landscape architects along with any other interested parties shall be
invited to participate in the symposium.

3. The department and the office of parks, recreation and historic
preservation, the department of transportation and the office of general
services are hereby authorized and directed to support and assist in the
planning and development of the trail.