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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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SECTION 46-0111
Management plan
Environmental Conservation (ENV) CHAPTER 43-B, ARTICLE 46
§ 46-0111. Management plan.

1. The commission shall prepare or cause to be prepared within thirty
months of the effective date of this section a management plan for the
preserve; provided that elements of the management plan may be prepared
and submitted for approval before the entire plan is completed. Such
plan shall cover management of all dedicated lands. At least one public
hearing on the draft management plan, or element thereof separately
submitted for approval or amendment thereto shall be held. The local
legislative bodies of the city of Albany and the towns of Guilderland
and Colonie, the county of Albany, the commissioner, the commissioner of
the state office of parks, recreation and historic preservation and the
state director of the nature conservancy may review the management plan,
elements thereof separately submitted for approval and amendments

2. The management plan shall be the fundamental document defining the
protection and beneficial public use goals for the preserve and the
means and techniques for their attainment. The management plan shall
include, but need not be limited to:

a. A survey or inventory of the following, together with the
establishment of management priorities therefor:

(i) natural plant and wildlife resources;

(ii) historic resources;

(iii) erosion control needs and stream protection;

(iv) trails, trail development and use; and

(v) other recreational uses.

b. A fire management plan.

c. A plan for the enforcement of laws pertaining to public use
activities, which shall be implemented by rules and regulations for the
administration and use of lands dedicated to the preserve which are
promulgated by the commissioner.

d. An education program including publications and guided activities.

e. A financial plan for implementation of the management plan

3. Not less than once every five years the commission shall review the
management plan, and shall include as part of such review a public
hearing. The commission shall propose amendments to the management plan
as they are deemed to be necessary and appropriate.