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SECTION 47-0113
Regional environmental management councils
Environmental Conservation (ENV) CHAPTER 43-B, ARTICLE 47
§ 47-0113. Regional environmental management councils.

1. If in the opinion of the governing bodies of two or more counties,
the protection and management of the environment of the area could be
effectively or efficiently provided by a regional council these counties
may enter into agreement to establish a regional environmental
management council for the several counties agreeing to the

2. The membership of the regional councils shall be made up of members
of county environmental councils or individuals eligible to be members
of county environmental councils. Members shall be appointed by the
several county governing bodies to assure fair representation, but in no
case shall there be more than twenty official members of the regional
council other than ex officio members.

3. The regional council shall supercede and replace the individual
county councils and shall exercise all those powers otherwise accruing
to the county councils.

4. The county governing bodies of the several counties agreeing to the
formation of such a council may appropriate such funds as they see fit
for the work of the regional council including the compensation of
members, the retention of staff and other assistance, the preparation
and printing of reports, maps, books, charts, and pamphlets and the cost
of other items related to their work.