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This entry was published on 2020-04-24
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SECTION 48-0111
Environmental justice interagency coordinating council
Environmental Conservation (ENV) CHAPTER 43-B, ARTICLE 48
§ 48-0111. Environmental justice interagency coordinating council.

1. There is hereby established an environmental justice interagency
coordinating council which shall have the power and duty to:

(a) coordinate the activities of agencies required to adopt an
environmental justice policy pursuant to section 48-0109 of this article
in development and implementation of such policies; and

(b) serve as a clearinghouse for state agencies and the public for
information on environmental justice policies, environmental justice
coordinators in state agencies and related activities of state agencies,
and maintain information services, including but not limited to an
Internet site and a toll-free telephone number, to inform the public on
environmental justice.

2. The environmental justice coordinating council shall include the
commissioner; the commissioner of the department of economic
development; the commissioner of the department of transportation; the
president of the environmental facilities corporation; the president of
the New York State energy research and development authority; the
chairman of the public service commission; the chairman of the power
authority of the State of New York; or their designees; and every staff
member chosen by an agency to serve as environmental justice coordinator
pursuant to section 48-0109 of this article. The council shall consult
with the permanent environmental justice advisory group; representatives
of minority and low-income communities, including community-based
organizations that advise or assist minority and low-income communities
on environmental matters; representatives of businesses that hold
state-issued permits or otherwise operate subject to this chapter;
representatives of local governments; representatives of local, state,
or national organizations promoting environmental conservation;
researchers and educators; and any other parties the council deems

3. The coordinating council shall meet at least bi-annually and shall
designate one of its members to serve as chairperson and one of its
members to serve as secretary for the development and dissemination of
minutes and reports. All such meetings shall be subject to the open
meetings law. At least one meeting annually shall be held jointly with
the permanent environmental justice advisory group established pursuant
to section 48-0105 of this article. Each member shall be entitled to
designate in writing a representative to attend meetings in his or her
place and to vote or otherwise act on his or her behalf in his or her