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SECTION 51-0903
Environmental Conservation (ENV) CHAPTER 43-B, ARTICLE 51, TITLE 9
§ 51-0903. Definitions.

As used in this title, the following terms shall mean and include:

1. "Solid Waste." All materials or substances discarded or rejected as
being spent, useless, worthless or in excess to the owners at the time
of such discard or rejection, including but not limited to garbage,
refuse, industrial and commercial waste, sludges from air or water
pollution control facilities or water supply treatment facilities,
rubbish, ashes, contained gaseous materials, incinerator residue,
demolition and construction debris and offal but not including sewage
and other highly diluted water carried materials or substances and those
in gaseous form.

2. "Solid Waste Recovery and Management Project." Resource recovery
equipment, source separation equipment, disposal equipment or any
combination thereof required by a solid waste recovery and management

3. "Solid Waste Recovery and Management System." A municipal program
to provide environmentally sound recovery or disposal of collected solid
waste through facilities planned, designed, assembled and constructed to
assure environmental protection and to maximize the potential for
resource recovery.

4. "Resource Recovery Equipment." Structures, machinery, or devices,
singly or in combination, designed, constructed and required to
separate, process, modify, convert, treat, or prepare collected solid
waste so that component materials or substances or recoverable resources
may be used as a raw material or for their productive purposes.

5. "Disposal Equipment." Structures, machinery or devices at a
disposal site necessary to efficient and environmentally-sound land
disposal of solid wastes, including but not limited to machinery or
devices designed to move earth during burial of wastes or to increase
the density of wastes buried or to be buried. "Disposal Equipment" shall
also mean facilities, except vehicles, in which collected solid waste is
temporarily stored and concentrated prior to transport to a disposal

6. "Municipality." A city, county, town, village, public benefit
corporation having power granted otherwise than under this article to
construct, operate and maintain solid waste management projects, or an
improvement district within a city, county, town or village, or any
combination thereof.

7. "Cost." The cost of resource recovery equipment, source separation
equipment or disposal equipment including interest prior to and during
construction, engineering and architectural surveys, plans and
specifications, and consultants and legal services and other direct
expenses incident to a solid waste management project, exclusive of land
acquisition, and expenses incident thereto, less any federal assistance
received or to be received.

8. "Source separation equipment" shall mean:

(a) Add-ons or trailers designed to modify collection vehicles to
allow sorting and separation of collected wastes held for the purpose of
recycling or collection vehicles whose function and design are
exclusively for such purpose;

(b) Containers for the source separation and temporary storage of
recyclable wastes by residents or business prior to collection;

(c) Bins, sheds or other facilities for the temporary storage of
materials prior to transport for the purposes of recycling.