1. The Laws of New York
  2. Consolidated Laws
  3. Environmental Conservation
  4. Article 52: Implementation of Environmental Quality Bond Act of 1986
  5. Title 9: Historic Preservation, Municipal Park and Urban Cultural Parks Projects

Section 52-0909 Powers and duties of the commissioner

Environmental Conservation (ENV)

  1. In administering the provisions of this title, the commissioner:

  (a) shall make an itemized estimate of funds or appropriations by project required annually for inclusion in the executive budget.

  (b) may in the name of the state as further provided within this article contract to make, within the limitations of appropriations available therefor, a state grant for payment to a municipality or not-for-profit corporation representing the state share of the costs of a project approved and to be undertaken pursuant to this article. Such contracts shall be subject to approval by the state comptroller and as to form by the attorney general.

  (c) may in the name of the state as further provided within this title enter into contracts with public benefit corporations and private contractors for services contemplated by this article to be funded hereunder.

  (d) shall approve vouchers for the payment of assistance pursuant to an approved contract. All such payments shall be paid on the audit and warrant of the state comptroller.

  (e) shall promulgate, after hearings and prior to the receipt of application and/or approval of projects, rules and regulations which shall include but need not be limited to: eligibility requirements, application procedures, office ranking and review processes, project approval guidelines and criteria, and funding distribution for municipal park projects and for each type of historic preservation project.

  (f) may perform such other and further acts as may be necessary, proper or desirable to carry out the provisions of this title.

  2. All actions taken by the commissioner pursuant to this title shall be consistent with provisions of the federal internal revenue code necessary for the preservation of tax exempt status of bonds issued under the authority granted by the environmental quality bond act of nineteen hundred eighty-six.