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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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SECTION 54-1107
State assistance application procedure and standards
Environmental Conservation (ENV) CHAPTER 43-B, ARTICLE 54, TITLE 11
§ 54-1107. State assistance application procedure and standards.

In the case of coastal rehabilitation projects, a municipality or
not-for-profit corporation, upon the approval of its governing body, may
submit an application to the commissioner, in such form and containing
such information as the commissioner may require, for state assistance
payments toward the cost of a project which is within the state of New
York and which is eligible for state assistance pursuant to this title.
The commissioner shall review such project application and may approve,
disapprove or recommend modifications thereto consistent with applicable
law, criteria, standards or rules and regulations relative to such
projects. Such criteria and standards shall include, but not be limited
to: the consistency of the project with the Coastal Erosion Hazard Areas
Act, article 34 of this chapter, notwithstanding paragraph d of
subdivision three of section 34-0108 of this chapter; the official
coastal policies of the state pursuant to article 42 of the executive
law; the extent of natural damages to the coastal area and the
suitability and feasibility of the project in relation to maintaining
natural resource features and functions; the importance of the coastal
area to recreational resources, fish and wildlife resources, and/or
endangered or threatened species habitat; and the public benefits
provided by the project.

Upon approval of a project application, a municipality or
not-for-profit corporation shall enter into a contract, as further
provided within this article, with the commissioner for state assistance
payments toward the cost of such project to be received pursuant to this