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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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SECTION 55-0103
Legislative findings
Environmental Conservation (ENV) CHAPTER 43-B, ARTICLE 55
§ 55-0103. Legislative findings.

The legislature finds that:

1. The scientific evidence of groundwater contamination is mounting;

2. Such contamination, once it occurs, is often irreversible;

3. Within this area subject to sole source aquifer designation, due to
their particular rate of recharge and associated hydrogeological
conditions, certain groundwater recharge watershed areas are
particularly critical for the maintenance of large volumes of high
quality groundwater for long periods of time;

4. In the face of mounting cases of groundwater contamination from
toxic organic compounds, nutrients, salts and other pollutants, the
state needs a program for the designation, protection and management of
special groundwater protection areas;

5. It is desirable to maintain natural vegetative and hydrogeologic
conditions in special groundwater protection areas;

6. Prevention of the contamination of high quality groundwater and the
protection of special groundwater protection areas costs substantially
less than measures to mitigate harm following contamination; and

7. There is a demonstrated need to protect, preserve and enhance the
land and water resources of special groundwater protection areas through
a new program which combines the capabilities and resources of the
local, state and federal governments and the private sector.

8. Some of the nonpoint source control strategies developed for the
special groundwater protection areas can be used to minimize further
contamination in developed deep aquifer recharge areas.