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SECTION 55-0115
Comprehensive management plan; contents
Environmental Conservation (ENV) CHAPTER 43-B, ARTICLE 55
§ 55-0115. Comprehensive management plan; contents.

The designated planning entity shall prepare the plan for the special
groundwater protection area. The plan shall be designed to ensure the
non-degradation of the high quality of groundwater recharged within the
special groundwater protection area. Where local plans already exist
which effectuate the goals of this article, such local plans shall be
evaluated and incorporated as is appropriate into the work of the
planning entity. Such plan shall include but not be limited to:

1. A determination of the quality of the existing groundwater
recharged through said special groundwater protection area, the natural
recharge capabilities of the special groundwater protection area
watershed and the dependence of any natural ecosystems in the special
groundwater protection area on the water quality and natural recharge
capabilities of said area;

2. An identification of all known existing and potential point and
non-point sources of groundwater degradation;

3. Development of specific watershed rules and regulations pursuant to
section eleven hundred of the public health law, which are designed to
accomplish the purposes of this article;

4. A map showing the detailed boundary of the special groundwater
protection area or areas as well as a precise written description of
such boundaries;

5. A resource assessment which determines the amount and type of human
development and activity which the ecosystem can sustain while still
maintaining existing ground and surface water quality and protecting
unique ecological features;

6. The identification and proposal of limits on federal, state and
local government financially assisted activities and projects which,
directly or indirectly, may contribute, in any way whatsoever, to any
degradation of such groundwater or any loss of natural surface and
subsurface infiltration or purification capability of the special
groundwater protection area watershed;

7. Development of a comprehensive statement of land use management as
it pertains to the maintenance and enhancement of groundwater quality
and quantity;

8. Proposal of limits on land uses that might have an adverse impact
on water quality and/or recharge capabilities in the special groundwater
protection area;

9. Consideration and proposal of specific techniques, including, but
not limited to: clustering, large lot zoning, purchase, exchange or
donation of conservation easements or development rights, and other
innovative measures sufficient to achieve the objectives of this

10. Designation of specific areas within special groundwater
protection areas suitable and appropriate for public acquisition; and

11. A program for local governmental implementation of the
comprehensive management plan described in this subdivision in a manner
that will insure the continued, uniform, consistent protection of this
area in accord with the purposes of this article.